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The ONE Program for Artists (TOP Artists)

Offered by The ONE Gallery, The ONE Program for Artists (TOP Art) is for artists, from emerging to established, looking to exhibit and sell their work in a prestigious venue.



  • Exhibition at The ONE Gallery alongside William Ho

  • Chance to exhibit with Principal Artist William Ho in future group show(s) in local or international art setting(s)

  • Name and website listed in The ONE Gallery website for one year, free

  • Opportunities to network with other artists and art organizations around the world



Artists can apply by filling out and sending in the application form along with digital images of five to ten artworks to  A maximum of two artists can apply together for each session. If selected by The ONE Gallery, artists will exhibit their work in the gallery for one week (Wednesday-Sunday) alongside global artist William Ho. The selected artist(s) will pay a fee (depending on season and availability, and subject to change) for each session. All exhibitions are subject to the guidelines and regulations of The ONE Gallery. 


Download the form below:

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