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One Heart Beat Movement


One Heart Beat (OHB) Around the World is a global movement that partners with international and local organizations such as the United Nations; different cities; art, education, business, and professional organizations; NGOs; public and private sectors; and individuals to help the needy, particularily suffering children of the world, through art and relief works. Based on the One Heart Beat painting by William Ho, the OHB is a unifying message, symbol, and image of the very same heartbeat that is shared by all humanity and the obligation that we have in loving one another as one global family. The One Heart Beat art piece has been installed at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The One Heart Beat Award by William Ho

Clockwise from the top: the famous One Heart Beat painting by William Ho; the One Heart Beat Award by William Ho; former USA First Lady Laura Bush admiring Mr Ho's life and art at the United Nations, as both hold A Journey from the Heart to the World book by William Ho; Mr Ho was welcomed by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and his One Heart Beat Award was received by the UN Secretary General for the world.

One Heart Beat

Artist Statement


In eternity, from no beginning to no ending, there is the heart beat of life.

One Heart Beat, Your Heart Beat, My Heart Beat,

the common One Heart Beat of the whole humanity.


This One Heart Beat that all humanity shares has been demonstrated by a single stroke in

Chinese ink symbolizing the Simple Truth that we as one Global Family are all interconnected by the common One Heart Beat.


If any of our children in the world, in Canada, Africa, China, America or India, are hurting, we all hurt;

If any person suffers, we all suffer; if any child dies; part of us dies too.

All children, Canadian Chinese, African, American or Indian, all are our children!


Truth doesn't have to be complicated; it can be manifested in one single stroke or act.

The Simple Truth is that if we put our Love into action now, we shall have more Hope for the world.

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