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Louvre and Guan Shanyue


These works have been exhibited at the  famous Louvre Museum in Paris, France or at the top national museum in China, the Guan Shanyue Art Museum in Shenzhen.

Ink Works


Bold, simple, and monochromatic paintings display the essence, artistry, and deft brushwork of a master Chinese brush painter.

UN and the Group of Seven


These works have been exhibited

at the United Nations Headquarters in New York or alongside works by the Canadian art group, the Group of Seven.

New York


These works have been exhibited

in New York at one of the largest art exhibitions in the world.

Contemporary Abstract


Contemporary techniques are combined

with traditional Chinese aesthetics, resulting in powerful and exhilarating works

with profound messages.

Traditional Chinese


Scenes of nature, such as that of iconic and symbolic plants and landscapes, are rendered in traditional Chinese media and artistry.

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